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I read your blog about Indonesian recipes. It is a nice blog but I found that some of your recipes are not correct. For example, Sate Babi (Sate Varkenvlees), you wrote half tea spoon of jintan (djinten) as one of the ingredienst which is absolutely a big mistake. Indonesian people never put jintan (djinten) in every kind of sate we make, either sate ayam, sate sapi (beef sate) nor sate babi.

If you don’t mind please refer to Indonesian original recipes (you can find it a lot in the internet- unfortunately mostly will be in Indonesian language) for the original taste of foods you wrote on your blog. I used to cook for my husband (he is Dutch) and my Ditch friends. They could easily compare the taste between the real Indonesian and The Dutch/Indonesian food. Very big differences, according to them, the original recipe give the best taste.

Have a nice day.


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